Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weigh in (week 10)

Well, well who has been an extreme blogging slacker? Well of course that would be this girl. Sorry I haven’t written until now but the hubs had the whole weekend off so I was spending it with him because we don't know when we will get one again. Okay let’s get going, I so forgot to weigh myself Tuesday to see how I had did, but I did remember Thursday and here it is....
Not as much as I wanted but still something... I did however workout a lot more last week than I thought I would be able to. I cannot wait to run tonight, I did not get a chance to last night because we was helping my grandma move into her new house of which I am so jealous of, it is a very cute house. Now let’s move on to the kitty cat. She is so cute it is crazy. Jason and the girls named her Prissy and it fits her perfectly. She was having issues learning how to use her cat litter box but I soon realized it was because it was too tall, so I went and got her a new one and now she will go all by herself and I don't have to put her in it. Although she would come and meow at me to let me know she had to go, so she is super smart.

She had a great time with me on Stay-cation this past week; I hope she doesn't get lonely with me being back at work all day.

She is definitely a hoot. I got the girls signed up for girl scouts again and cheerleading. I knew Joslynn wanted to be a cheerleader but I was for sure I would have been able to talk Jasmine into swim team, diving team, or Ice Hockey but she went with cheerleading also, this bums me but it's her decision. I'm still going to push diving on her I think lol...

I kept my niece Raelynn (a.k.a. B Rae) Friday night and she had the pukes, I felt so bad for her I can't stand to see little ones sick. Joslynn got it last night so all day today for me will be cleaning to try and avoid that mess. I do have to go and see a doctor this week though, for some reason every time I eat the left side of my back, below my shoulder blade, begins to hurt very bad, it eventually spreads across my whole back. It almost feels like a rib is poking my lung or something, or something is wedged between my ribs. I don’t know.

On another note IT'S FALL!!!! I am so excited!! Today it is rainy and cold and I swear there is almost nothing better than that. It makes you want to snuggle up to a fire and eat soup and drink something warm, and read a good book. I love it; I am in love with it! Jason and I have been trying to grow our board games now that the girls are all pretty much old enough to understand them. What was your favorite board game as a kid?

Here is a photo of my new hair color… I like it but I think I want to go a little darker next time.

Stay strong everyone!! Until next time……

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just another Saturday!

Today has been a pretty good day! I woke up early this morning, earlier than I like on Saturdays and I went and got my hair fixed. (I have only dyed my hair once.) So it was nice to go and get a new look. I will post a full picture tomorrow when I have makeup and my hair fixed.

I did the couch to 5k again tonight. I love it! One of the best feelings in the world is when your mind is telling you how much you don't want to work out, you decide to fight the voices and do it anyway and when you are done you feel better than before. I didn't get a workout in last night because we went out to celebrate Jason getting a paid position at his department. So I have to work one in Monday no matter what.

Well I don't have much more to say tonight, sorry it's so short. Oh one last thing the girls and I found a baby kitten today under my truck. She is the cutest thing ever and is now a new member of the Family. I will take a picture and show you tomorrow also.

Have a good night everyone and keep up the good work!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please no Blogging while Sleeping!

Okay, I have got to get a badge that says No blogging while sleeping, it is good for nobody! I must have written my blog entry for yesterday while I was sleeping. I do not remember any of it I SWEAR! You can so tell by my grammar and spelling, I mean "I like having my eyes available." really I have no clue. Well I'm sorry for the craziness.

Well I have decided to change my weigh in day. I have hated doing it on Monday's from day one. So I am going to shoot for Thursdays. So here is my thinking, I was planning on running tonight but as soon as the girls got home plans changed, Jasmine has 7 pages with the packet being front and back making it 10 pages total all do the next day! Okay I know some are saying well get used to it, but with Jasmine it goes from the time she gets home 3:30 till 8:00. However, tonight we will be here until 10:00. Is this normal for 2nd grade? It just seems like so much. Joslynn (2nd grade) only has one paper a day if that, usually she has one paper a week but has a lot of reading which is fine we do it anyway. So with all of that it messes with my workouts really bad and I hate it. So I do more of my working out on the weekends and by the time Monday hit's I’m holding water and I'm not losing anything.

This is my nightmare every night and since Jasmine has a learning disability, it makes it even worse. She does her best though, I think I would have a hard time focusing on school all day and all night too if I was her.

So, I'm going to shoot for Thursday maybe Tuesday, I will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then rest Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then weigh Thursday. For two weeks I am going to weigh myself Tuesday and Thursday and see which on works and makes me stay focused better.  On the week days I will start doing other smaller workouts as well just so I'm doing something. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, keep up the good work.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Weigh-In (week 9)

Well its Monday Weigh in and I did not do as well as I had hoped. I did not gain however I did not lose as much as I wanted.

That’s it right there 0.2 pounds. At least it's a loss I guess. It really sucks but I have to stay positive. I have started a running program to help train me for the upcoming 5K. It is a couch to 5K program (sorry Kelly @ in it to lose it! I’m really not being a copycat, Okay maybe a little lol,) the first work out went really good. I could tell my body hasn't been worked in a few weeks because with about 8 minutes left I wanted to stop. I downloaded the Couch to 5K program on my phone and I swear the Zombie guy almost made me shat me in the middle of running with how loud I had the phone. I have to admit I like the Kindle better, I like having my eyes available 

Well I don't really have anything else to add right now. I will write more tomorrow or try to anyways. Until next time keep up the good work!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's here!!!!!

It's here the day I never thought I would ever EVER do, even when I started my quest I swore up and down I would never want to. But once you start this journey it's something you have to do! What is it? A 5K Run/ Walk. I have been looking for one to do for a month now, and my wonderful town is going to have one for Brandy Brandenburg, the young mother who was killed in the car-train accident. I figure this is a wonderful one to start with. 

Not only do I want to do the 5K but I have EVERY intention on running it! Yes, I said RUNNING! So this Momma has some training to do. So all of my fellow weight loss or running friends, if you have any advice please share. I am soooooo excited and so happy it is going to be going to such a good cause. 100% of the proceeds are going to be going to the Brandenburg family. It will be on October 19th. 

I also just found out on Oct 20th there is a Walk against Suicide that my niece told me about and they want to get a big group together to walk in honor of my sister in-law. So I need to find out more about that. So looks like that weekend I will be busy and very sore come Monday! Here is the link to Brandy's 5K. So if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

Oh also, Jason came and got me from work today and informed me that the new battery for the truck of which was in my NEW van exploded! It ate through my floor. Luckily the battery people are going to cover the cost (so they say) and we just have to go get an estimate from the dealership to have it fixed. 

Even though that happened, I find it so hard to be upset... especially when I listen to Half Moon Run, who will be in Columbus in October and I so want to go! So i'll leave you with this... Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monday Weigh-In (Week 8 )

OK, OK I know it is not Monday! But I have had zero time to be able to write about my Monday Weigh-In. By the way I physically HATE weighing in on Mondays but I don't want to change it again however it does help me stay on track (hence the reason I hate it probably lol...) So, I did pretty well even though the only physical activity I have done in the past two weeks is move furniture.

Here it is.....

Check that out! A 3 lb. loss. According to My Fitness Pal it is only a 2 lb. loss but that is because I have never logged my ounces. I never really knew I could but I do now and I have started.  I have not exercised at all, I am dying to walk/run my body and mind need it so bad! I have to find time to be able to do it. I just cannot wake up early that's because I go to sleep at 1 AM. It has been really hard getting use to a schedule because I never really know how much homework the girls are going to have. Jasmine is the slowest homeworker EVER! We will sit from 4:00 till 8:00 doing nothing but one page of homework. So when we have more than one we are there all night. I also have had to start working on the website every night because of how far behind I have gotten at work with me having to leave early every day.

I did have an off the Scale Victory, the other day I was able to fit into an XL T-shirt! This is huge for me! When I first started I was looking at having to wear a 3X but I refused to buy any so I started this journey. I can also fit my whole fist and a little more in the rim of my pants. I started at a size 20 and was about to have to go and buy a bigger size, I am now back into my 18. I will take 20 lbs. lost photos next week....

I haven't written much in the past few days because I know I will do nothing but sound like a cry baby, so to avoid that mess I really haven't wanted to bombard everyone else with my drama. I am working hard in trying to figure out a schedule so I can have time to write, exercise, work at work, then work 4 hours at home, volunteer at the school, PTO, eat healthy, get homework done, give baths, feed the kids, clean, read to kids, sing to kids, tuck kids in, well heck let’s face it be a MOM! So until next time keep up the battle my fellow Questers!

Friday, September 6, 2013

I wanna see your Peacock, your Peacock....

OK, seriously I have not one freaking clue what the title has to do with anything other than the song popped in my head. I remember the first time I heard this song, the girls and I were driving down the road and I had put in my new Katy Perry CD and this song came on. Mind you Joslynn's teachers name was Mrs. Peacock at the time so she was excited when she heard the word Peacock. So idiot mother award here < I'm all like, "oh look Joslynn, she is singing about a Peacock!" I proceed to turn it up and get into it... Then SHHHHHIIIIITTTTTTT (as soon as the girls start singing and I realize what she is talking about!) turning it down as fast as I can and say "OK girls, she didn't say I wanna see your Peacock, Nope you guys are singing it wrong. What has Mommy told you about singing a song when you don't know the words? You have to listen to the song and learn the words first and she DOES NOT say I wanna see your Peacock (can you say compulsive liar award!) nope she says I wanna BE a Peacock! < F'n SAVE! I am totally awesome! You liked that didn't you... yap, I so turned that on them and then schooled the crap out of them in no time, I believe they got whiplash....

On a serious note, I am so excited about this, I cannot wait to go! OK normally I would say I would strap a mattress on my back and stand on a street corner just so I can go to this, but evidently that is BAD! (and I would never really do that!) OK so here it is.....

Yes that is right... The Ohio Renaissance Festival! I have been waiting all year; I love everything about it and so want to take the girls. I will have to work some major over time to pay for this. So I might need to invest in some knee pads ; ) < OK I’m so just playing so pull your panties out of your... well you know..

I'm sorry for the obscenity, well KINDA sorry. I'm just in a special being myself mood tonight.

Back to the boring life that is... Jasmine has had so much homework this week. It has taken us from the time she gets home till time for a bath to get done. Due to this happening all week I haven't had a chance to walk but I have done some Pilates of which I heart to death. So since I have tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday I will have to work it!

Oh I almost forgot ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!! Are you freaking serious! No I'm not! Yes I’m a fan but I’m not a die-hard I need to watch every freaking game fan. I like to watch My Bengals but that's it and after about 6 losses even that gets boring. OK I know go ahead call me a ban-wagoner. Well just for your information, I'm not, it just gets a little annoying watching a team lose all the time or better yet do good enough to get to the playoffs and then WHAT... It's like kindergarten up in that bitch and someone left Barney on and all the kids are distracted, while I'm in the back ground singing "I love you, you hate me, why can't you f'n win a game or three! It is a true love hate relationship. Now Jason, he is a super fan and he goes through the time of the month, 5 X a month when football is on. I mean he turns in to a Drama Queen. And since yours truly threw a remote through the 60 in plasma TV last year, we only have one left and that means I have to watch every game that is on. I mean what does a girl gotta do to watch a Drop Dead Diva around here. So I resort to you guys and then get a lot of huffing and puffing because the sound of typing is annoying (has he not heard the guy’s voice on the TV?) So as much as I love Football, I don't at the same time because she is a dirty mistress and I want my Husband back!

Alright I'm getting the evil stare down so as always stay strong my worthy sidekicks!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Weigh-in (week 7)

Whelp, it's Monday! Thank goodness it was a holiday and I didn't have to work, my body is way too sore for that right now. I swear I feel like I have been bull riding or something. I'm only 27, you would think I would be able to party, hahaha I guess not! Shoot staying up past 10 is me being a rebel these days.

Well as you all know I had a fabulous weekend and I tried to stay good and I guess I must have because I am down 2 lbs.! I am so happy about this. This means I am below my original weight when I first started this blog! Yeah me! Twenty more pounds and I will be in the one hundreds, I so can't wait!

I did not do any exercises today due to being so sore; I am really hoping tomorrow I can move my shoulders without it hurting so badly. I'm extremely sun burnt! This is a short post because I have been on this computer all day trying to get my slide show to upload with that being said, tomorrow starts the new week and I can't wait to get back at it. So until next time, keep up the fight everyone!

This is just my shoulder, it is like this all over my face, chest. neck and back. I should have been putting on sun block every minute. My bra strap hurts so bad!

Gentlemen of the Road

Sorry this was supposed to be yesterdays post but I just now got the video to work. I hope you enjoy!

Warning very long!

Well, the weekend is almost over and I had the most AMAZING weekend of my life! I'm so sun burnt! I ate badly, I drank badly, and I sang badly! But, I lived my life like it could be gone the next day! I'm not sure I’ll lose this week, I tried to stay healthy but at the festival that was not an option. I stayed under my calorie limit but I drank beer, and not enough water. I would feel bad about this but, I DON'T. I may never get the chance I had this weekend again, so, I lived it up.

Last week my town went through a tragedy when we lost a lovely young woman. A Wife and a wonderful Mother of three boys via a train wreck. She was a wonderful person and it really affected our small community. She was only 31 years old and taken way to soon. So, her being taken really made me re-evaluate my life. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE! You see it everywhere but how often do we do it? Life (mine) seems to be all about making others happy but staying hidden at the same time, How skinny can I be, How fat I am, what she thinks, what he thinks, go here, do that, be there, Be proud, be sad, be glad, and be mad! Eat right, sleep tight, wake up, go to work and deal with jerks. (customers just for those who might think other wise.)

So... from now on, I am living like I could be gone in a blink of an eye. I am going to lose this weight so I can try to make myself live long enough for my girls, I'm not going to stress myself about losing, but I'm going to do it! I'm going to tell my friends I love them and be there for them more, I'm going to run, play, hug and kiss my kids every day. I'm going to hold Jason's hand and cuddle more, I'm going to make-out with him in public and make everyone sick!

This weekend, I lived hard, sweat so hard, I danced in the rain, I kissed in the rain, I met one of my favorite bands, and I met some great fans. I lived this weekend like there was NO TOMORROW! I can barely walk, I can barely talk. This weekend I lived!

I saw some of the most amazing musical talent! Half Moon Run from Canada is a must listen too, Bear's Den (my fav.) from England, are so amazing, Old Crow Medicine Show Awesome! Phosphorescent you have to hear "Song for Zula", The Magnetic Zeros, I so heart them. Everyone else was awesome but these are my favorite bands that were there with M & S!

Now, for the best, the fabulous, and the wonderful, Mumford and Sons. If I could ever recommend someone to see in person it would be them! They put on an amazing show; it is so hard to explain in words. Being there and hearing them in person, hearing the crowd, feeling the crowd. Words cannot describe the emotions your body is feeling at the time. It is amazing what they do for their fans with bringing together such wonderful bands and exposing you to new raw talent. I've always wished I could have been born earlier so I could have gone to Woodstock; I like to think I just attended a modern day Woodstock. I have never experienced anything like it and I feel so blessed to have been able to. Thank you Mumford and Sons for loving your fans so much to provide us with such amazing music and festivities.

So here is how it went:

We get to the Waco Historic Field & Air Museum around 4:00 and amazingly we were one of the first ones there. They were transporting us from the Field via school bus to the Center of town in Troy. The bus ride was about 5 to 7 minutes; they dropped us off at the school about 2 blocks from the festival. I was so excited, I ran to only be stopped by a train! After 20 minutes of waiting on the train to move its slow ass, we made it in! I have to give mad props to Troy, OH. The whole town did a fabulous job on decorating for the event. I swear this town is awesome, I have never seen a cooler town and I have been EVERYWHERE (almost). In the center of the town it is a big circle.  At the entrance there was a stage playing local bands, walk around to the left and there was another stage with local bands, continue around the circle and you get to the bridge of which is lined with flags. As you walk across the bridge you see all the tents lined on the grass under it on both sides (I so wish I could have camped) it was amazing. You continued across the bridge and there was the entrance of the Main stage area. As we walked in they searched your bags and made you either drink or throw out all drinks (because you had to buy them in there) as I'm downing two water bottles, I am standing next to Devon the Lead singer of Half Moon Run and I had no clue! I thought he looked familiar but it didn't hit me until I seen him come on stage about 10 minutes later.

Friday was filled with great music; we were standing pretty close to the stage but kept getting pushed back. I would have to say people are very inconsiderate, we stood there and was one of the first there and ended up getting push back further and further throughout the night it was ridiculous (If you wanted to be in front, then your asses should have gotten in line like the rest of us and been here when it first opened). That's the way I see it. We had girls that were like 4 ft. tall trying to cut us (I’m short too) it’s like being short is not something that happened over night, it's been that way for your whole life, show up earlier.

Saturday, we got there early if there were seats we would have been in about the sixth or seventh row. We tried our hardest to stay there but as the night got later and later we eventually went and sat on a wall. I would have been able to get amazing pictures but I would not have been able to see the show or breathe, so we opted for the wall (which had an amazing view).

Bear's Den came on first around 1:45, they was so great! They have beautiful Voices and are very cute! I got to meet them in person and got their autographs. Other than Mumford this is the one band I had to see. So not only did I see them Live, I met them! Your bracelet (ticket) came with a passport book, in the passport book you had to get stamps and some of the stamps were a secret stamp which means you have to do something special for it. I was going to do cartwheels but my boobs would have fell out of my shirt so I sang instead (boring) but me and the stamp girl had fun singing “Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The atmosphere was incredible.

I got smart and brought a purse Sat. that way I could put a water bottle in it. I knew they was going to search my bag so when I got up there the boy was like "I need to look in your bag" I went to show him then I pulled it back and said " Do you have a warrant for that?" he about shat himself! I told him I was just playing that my husband is a cop that's what made me ask; I just wanted to scare him and see what his reaction would be. Well he got scared peeked in and said "you’re good." Lol. I got away with my water, I wasn't letting that 'itch go, I about died Friday of thirst but $4.00 a water is crazy! I noticed people going into the bathroom to re-fill their waters so I got really lucky getting in with it. It was soooo hot! I would like to say, it is amazing the level of organization Troy had for this event. It was extremely organized.  I could write about it forever but I can't.

Well that is it everyone, personally I am sick of typing and just want to sleep. So I hope you enjoy the Photos and I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and remember "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "WOW what a Ride!".... (Mark Foster.)