Sunday, September 29, 2013

Weigh in (week 10)

Well, well who has been an extreme blogging slacker? Well of course that would be this girl. Sorry I haven’t written until now but the hubs had the whole weekend off so I was spending it with him because we don't know when we will get one again. Okay let’s get going, I so forgot to weigh myself Tuesday to see how I had did, but I did remember Thursday and here it is....
Not as much as I wanted but still something... I did however workout a lot more last week than I thought I would be able to. I cannot wait to run tonight, I did not get a chance to last night because we was helping my grandma move into her new house of which I am so jealous of, it is a very cute house. Now let’s move on to the kitty cat. She is so cute it is crazy. Jason and the girls named her Prissy and it fits her perfectly. She was having issues learning how to use her cat litter box but I soon realized it was because it was too tall, so I went and got her a new one and now she will go all by herself and I don't have to put her in it. Although she would come and meow at me to let me know she had to go, so she is super smart.

She had a great time with me on Stay-cation this past week; I hope she doesn't get lonely with me being back at work all day.

She is definitely a hoot. I got the girls signed up for girl scouts again and cheerleading. I knew Joslynn wanted to be a cheerleader but I was for sure I would have been able to talk Jasmine into swim team, diving team, or Ice Hockey but she went with cheerleading also, this bums me but it's her decision. I'm still going to push diving on her I think lol...

I kept my niece Raelynn (a.k.a. B Rae) Friday night and she had the pukes, I felt so bad for her I can't stand to see little ones sick. Joslynn got it last night so all day today for me will be cleaning to try and avoid that mess. I do have to go and see a doctor this week though, for some reason every time I eat the left side of my back, below my shoulder blade, begins to hurt very bad, it eventually spreads across my whole back. It almost feels like a rib is poking my lung or something, or something is wedged between my ribs. I don’t know.

On another note IT'S FALL!!!! I am so excited!! Today it is rainy and cold and I swear there is almost nothing better than that. It makes you want to snuggle up to a fire and eat soup and drink something warm, and read a good book. I love it; I am in love with it! Jason and I have been trying to grow our board games now that the girls are all pretty much old enough to understand them. What was your favorite board game as a kid?

Here is a photo of my new hair color… I like it but I think I want to go a little darker next time.

Stay strong everyone!! Until next time……


  1. Miss Prissy looks so adorable! Good job this week with all that exercising! Hope your back feels better. Let us know what the doc says!

  2. Miss Prissy is just the absolute cutest little kitty ever! I'm glad you like C25k--I'm still on week 3!