Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's here!!!!!

It's here the day I never thought I would ever EVER do, even when I started my quest I swore up and down I would never want to. But once you start this journey it's something you have to do! What is it? A 5K Run/ Walk. I have been looking for one to do for a month now, and my wonderful town is going to have one for Brandy Brandenburg, the young mother who was killed in the car-train accident. I figure this is a wonderful one to start with. 

Not only do I want to do the 5K but I have EVERY intention on running it! Yes, I said RUNNING! So this Momma has some training to do. So all of my fellow weight loss or running friends, if you have any advice please share. I am soooooo excited and so happy it is going to be going to such a good cause. 100% of the proceeds are going to be going to the Brandenburg family. It will be on October 19th. 

I also just found out on Oct 20th there is a Walk against Suicide that my niece told me about and they want to get a big group together to walk in honor of my sister in-law. So I need to find out more about that. So looks like that weekend I will be busy and very sore come Monday! Here is the link to Brandy's 5K. So if anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!

Oh also, Jason came and got me from work today and informed me that the new battery for the truck of which was in my NEW van exploded! It ate through my floor. Luckily the battery people are going to cover the cost (so they say) and we just have to go get an estimate from the dealership to have it fixed. 

Even though that happened, I find it so hard to be upset... especially when I listen to Half Moon Run, who will be in Columbus in October and I so want to go! So i'll leave you with this... Enjoy!

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