Friday, September 6, 2013

I wanna see your Peacock, your Peacock....

OK, seriously I have not one freaking clue what the title has to do with anything other than the song popped in my head. I remember the first time I heard this song, the girls and I were driving down the road and I had put in my new Katy Perry CD and this song came on. Mind you Joslynn's teachers name was Mrs. Peacock at the time so she was excited when she heard the word Peacock. So idiot mother award here < I'm all like, "oh look Joslynn, she is singing about a Peacock!" I proceed to turn it up and get into it... Then SHHHHHIIIIITTTTTTT (as soon as the girls start singing and I realize what she is talking about!) turning it down as fast as I can and say "OK girls, she didn't say I wanna see your Peacock, Nope you guys are singing it wrong. What has Mommy told you about singing a song when you don't know the words? You have to listen to the song and learn the words first and she DOES NOT say I wanna see your Peacock (can you say compulsive liar award!) nope she says I wanna BE a Peacock! < F'n SAVE! I am totally awesome! You liked that didn't you... yap, I so turned that on them and then schooled the crap out of them in no time, I believe they got whiplash....

On a serious note, I am so excited about this, I cannot wait to go! OK normally I would say I would strap a mattress on my back and stand on a street corner just so I can go to this, but evidently that is BAD! (and I would never really do that!) OK so here it is.....

Yes that is right... The Ohio Renaissance Festival! I have been waiting all year; I love everything about it and so want to take the girls. I will have to work some major over time to pay for this. So I might need to invest in some knee pads ; ) < OK I’m so just playing so pull your panties out of your... well you know..

I'm sorry for the obscenity, well KINDA sorry. I'm just in a special being myself mood tonight.

Back to the boring life that is... Jasmine has had so much homework this week. It has taken us from the time she gets home till time for a bath to get done. Due to this happening all week I haven't had a chance to walk but I have done some Pilates of which I heart to death. So since I have tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday I will have to work it!

Oh I almost forgot ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!! Are you freaking serious! No I'm not! Yes I’m a fan but I’m not a die-hard I need to watch every freaking game fan. I like to watch My Bengals but that's it and after about 6 losses even that gets boring. OK I know go ahead call me a ban-wagoner. Well just for your information, I'm not, it just gets a little annoying watching a team lose all the time or better yet do good enough to get to the playoffs and then WHAT... It's like kindergarten up in that bitch and someone left Barney on and all the kids are distracted, while I'm in the back ground singing "I love you, you hate me, why can't you f'n win a game or three! It is a true love hate relationship. Now Jason, he is a super fan and he goes through the time of the month, 5 X a month when football is on. I mean he turns in to a Drama Queen. And since yours truly threw a remote through the 60 in plasma TV last year, we only have one left and that means I have to watch every game that is on. I mean what does a girl gotta do to watch a Drop Dead Diva around here. So I resort to you guys and then get a lot of huffing and puffing because the sound of typing is annoying (has he not heard the guy’s voice on the TV?) So as much as I love Football, I don't at the same time because she is a dirty mistress and I want my Husband back!

Alright I'm getting the evil stare down so as always stay strong my worthy sidekicks!


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    1. Oh Goodness, I don't know what I would do if we started following College. See, I use to be a die-hard fan, I mean when Chris Henry died I had a shrine outside of my house to honor him! I was crazy into it. I still love my Bengals and I will get into it hard core as soon as I see their first game, I just can't stand to watch the other teams all the time....

  2. AHHHHH RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL! That sounds so freakishly awesome. Did you know that the 2nd largest Ren Fair happens up in Michigan every year in the fall? It's supposed to be epic...can't wait to hear how it is!

  3. Ren fest are awesome! Hope you have fun! I'm a die-hard LSU fan and Tampa Bay Bucs. I follow every single LSU game but it's kinda hard being in New Orleans Saints territory and following the bucs.. so I more or less just google and see what the final score was. :)

    Too funny about the girls and the Katy Perry song!

  4. I nominated you for a Sunshine Award! Go check it out here: