Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Please no Blogging while Sleeping!

Okay, I have got to get a badge that says No blogging while sleeping, it is good for nobody! I must have written my blog entry for yesterday while I was sleeping. I do not remember any of it I SWEAR! You can so tell by my grammar and spelling, I mean "I like having my eyes available." really I have no clue. Well I'm sorry for the craziness.

Well I have decided to change my weigh in day. I have hated doing it on Monday's from day one. So I am going to shoot for Thursdays. So here is my thinking, I was planning on running tonight but as soon as the girls got home plans changed, Jasmine has 7 pages with the packet being front and back making it 10 pages total all do the next day! Okay I know some are saying well get used to it, but with Jasmine it goes from the time she gets home 3:30 till 8:00. However, tonight we will be here until 10:00. Is this normal for 2nd grade? It just seems like so much. Joslynn (2nd grade) only has one paper a day if that, usually she has one paper a week but has a lot of reading which is fine we do it anyway. So with all of that it messes with my workouts really bad and I hate it. So I do more of my working out on the weekends and by the time Monday hit's I’m holding water and I'm not losing anything.

This is my nightmare every night and since Jasmine has a learning disability, it makes it even worse. She does her best though, I think I would have a hard time focusing on school all day and all night too if I was her.

So, I'm going to shoot for Thursday maybe Tuesday, I will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and then rest Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and then weigh Thursday. For two weeks I am going to weigh myself Tuesday and Thursday and see which on works and makes me stay focused better.  On the week days I will start doing other smaller workouts as well just so I'm doing something. I hope everyone is having a wonderful week, keep up the good work.


  1. Geez, I think they give these kids way too much. It's bad enough that they spend all day long in class, but then to have 4-6 hours worth of homework on top of that! Ugh.. I think changing your W.I. may be a good idea! Good job on managing all that you do!

    1. Thanks Desiree, I really do think it will be better. I think giving that much homework just stresses out the kids more. But I'm very proud of Jazzy she has been putting her best foot forward. I'm not going to lie though, by the time she is done I want a Pop or a beer lol.

  2. I think changing the WI will help a lot. I almost wonder if Tuesday will be best for you, because you'll be working out on Fri, Sat, and Sun and having a rest day on Monday vs. not working out at all before your Thursday WI. But I used to do Thursday WIs and I Really like them, now I stick to Wednesday because it's a good right in the middle of the week WI. And WOW that amount of homework seems crazy to me...