Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday Weigh-in (week 7)

Whelp, it's Monday! Thank goodness it was a holiday and I didn't have to work, my body is way too sore for that right now. I swear I feel like I have been bull riding or something. I'm only 27, you would think I would be able to party, hahaha I guess not! Shoot staying up past 10 is me being a rebel these days.

Well as you all know I had a fabulous weekend and I tried to stay good and I guess I must have because I am down 2 lbs.! I am so happy about this. This means I am below my original weight when I first started this blog! Yeah me! Twenty more pounds and I will be in the one hundreds, I so can't wait!

I did not do any exercises today due to being so sore; I am really hoping tomorrow I can move my shoulders without it hurting so badly. I'm extremely sun burnt! This is a short post because I have been on this computer all day trying to get my slide show to upload with that being said, tomorrow starts the new week and I can't wait to get back at it. So until next time, keep up the fight everyone!

This is just my shoulder, it is like this all over my face, chest. neck and back. I should have been putting on sun block every minute. My bra strap hurts so bad!


  1. Youch! Sunburns suck! Hope you get some relief soon! Congrats on that loss! That's wonderful! Now you can work on that next decade!

    1. Thank you Desiree! I am finally turning brown and am not hurting so bad.