Monday, September 2, 2013

Gentlemen of the Road

Sorry this was supposed to be yesterdays post but I just now got the video to work. I hope you enjoy!

Warning very long!

Well, the weekend is almost over and I had the most AMAZING weekend of my life! I'm so sun burnt! I ate badly, I drank badly, and I sang badly! But, I lived my life like it could be gone the next day! I'm not sure I’ll lose this week, I tried to stay healthy but at the festival that was not an option. I stayed under my calorie limit but I drank beer, and not enough water. I would feel bad about this but, I DON'T. I may never get the chance I had this weekend again, so, I lived it up.

Last week my town went through a tragedy when we lost a lovely young woman. A Wife and a wonderful Mother of three boys via a train wreck. She was a wonderful person and it really affected our small community. She was only 31 years old and taken way to soon. So, her being taken really made me re-evaluate my life. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE! You see it everywhere but how often do we do it? Life (mine) seems to be all about making others happy but staying hidden at the same time, How skinny can I be, How fat I am, what she thinks, what he thinks, go here, do that, be there, Be proud, be sad, be glad, and be mad! Eat right, sleep tight, wake up, go to work and deal with jerks. (customers just for those who might think other wise.)

So... from now on, I am living like I could be gone in a blink of an eye. I am going to lose this weight so I can try to make myself live long enough for my girls, I'm not going to stress myself about losing, but I'm going to do it! I'm going to tell my friends I love them and be there for them more, I'm going to run, play, hug and kiss my kids every day. I'm going to hold Jason's hand and cuddle more, I'm going to make-out with him in public and make everyone sick!

This weekend, I lived hard, sweat so hard, I danced in the rain, I kissed in the rain, I met one of my favorite bands, and I met some great fans. I lived this weekend like there was NO TOMORROW! I can barely walk, I can barely talk. This weekend I lived!

I saw some of the most amazing musical talent! Half Moon Run from Canada is a must listen too, Bear's Den (my fav.) from England, are so amazing, Old Crow Medicine Show Awesome! Phosphorescent you have to hear "Song for Zula", The Magnetic Zeros, I so heart them. Everyone else was awesome but these are my favorite bands that were there with M & S!

Now, for the best, the fabulous, and the wonderful, Mumford and Sons. If I could ever recommend someone to see in person it would be them! They put on an amazing show; it is so hard to explain in words. Being there and hearing them in person, hearing the crowd, feeling the crowd. Words cannot describe the emotions your body is feeling at the time. It is amazing what they do for their fans with bringing together such wonderful bands and exposing you to new raw talent. I've always wished I could have been born earlier so I could have gone to Woodstock; I like to think I just attended a modern day Woodstock. I have never experienced anything like it and I feel so blessed to have been able to. Thank you Mumford and Sons for loving your fans so much to provide us with such amazing music and festivities.

So here is how it went:

We get to the Waco Historic Field & Air Museum around 4:00 and amazingly we were one of the first ones there. They were transporting us from the Field via school bus to the Center of town in Troy. The bus ride was about 5 to 7 minutes; they dropped us off at the school about 2 blocks from the festival. I was so excited, I ran to only be stopped by a train! After 20 minutes of waiting on the train to move its slow ass, we made it in! I have to give mad props to Troy, OH. The whole town did a fabulous job on decorating for the event. I swear this town is awesome, I have never seen a cooler town and I have been EVERYWHERE (almost). In the center of the town it is a big circle.  At the entrance there was a stage playing local bands, walk around to the left and there was another stage with local bands, continue around the circle and you get to the bridge of which is lined with flags. As you walk across the bridge you see all the tents lined on the grass under it on both sides (I so wish I could have camped) it was amazing. You continued across the bridge and there was the entrance of the Main stage area. As we walked in they searched your bags and made you either drink or throw out all drinks (because you had to buy them in there) as I'm downing two water bottles, I am standing next to Devon the Lead singer of Half Moon Run and I had no clue! I thought he looked familiar but it didn't hit me until I seen him come on stage about 10 minutes later.

Friday was filled with great music; we were standing pretty close to the stage but kept getting pushed back. I would have to say people are very inconsiderate, we stood there and was one of the first there and ended up getting push back further and further throughout the night it was ridiculous (If you wanted to be in front, then your asses should have gotten in line like the rest of us and been here when it first opened). That's the way I see it. We had girls that were like 4 ft. tall trying to cut us (I’m short too) it’s like being short is not something that happened over night, it's been that way for your whole life, show up earlier.

Saturday, we got there early if there were seats we would have been in about the sixth or seventh row. We tried our hardest to stay there but as the night got later and later we eventually went and sat on a wall. I would have been able to get amazing pictures but I would not have been able to see the show or breathe, so we opted for the wall (which had an amazing view).

Bear's Den came on first around 1:45, they was so great! They have beautiful Voices and are very cute! I got to meet them in person and got their autographs. Other than Mumford this is the one band I had to see. So not only did I see them Live, I met them! Your bracelet (ticket) came with a passport book, in the passport book you had to get stamps and some of the stamps were a secret stamp which means you have to do something special for it. I was going to do cartwheels but my boobs would have fell out of my shirt so I sang instead (boring) but me and the stamp girl had fun singing “Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. The atmosphere was incredible.

I got smart and brought a purse Sat. that way I could put a water bottle in it. I knew they was going to search my bag so when I got up there the boy was like "I need to look in your bag" I went to show him then I pulled it back and said " Do you have a warrant for that?" he about shat himself! I told him I was just playing that my husband is a cop that's what made me ask; I just wanted to scare him and see what his reaction would be. Well he got scared peeked in and said "you’re good." Lol. I got away with my water, I wasn't letting that 'itch go, I about died Friday of thirst but $4.00 a water is crazy! I noticed people going into the bathroom to re-fill their waters so I got really lucky getting in with it. It was soooo hot! I would like to say, it is amazing the level of organization Troy had for this event. It was extremely organized.  I could write about it forever but I can't.

Well that is it everyone, personally I am sick of typing and just want to sleep. So I hope you enjoy the Photos and I hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend, and remember "Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "WOW what a Ride!".... (Mark Foster.)

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