Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Monday Weigh-In (Week 8 )

OK, OK I know it is not Monday! But I have had zero time to be able to write about my Monday Weigh-In. By the way I physically HATE weighing in on Mondays but I don't want to change it again however it does help me stay on track (hence the reason I hate it probably lol...) So, I did pretty well even though the only physical activity I have done in the past two weeks is move furniture.

Here it is.....

Check that out! A 3 lb. loss. According to My Fitness Pal it is only a 2 lb. loss but that is because I have never logged my ounces. I never really knew I could but I do now and I have started.  I have not exercised at all, I am dying to walk/run my body and mind need it so bad! I have to find time to be able to do it. I just cannot wake up early that's because I go to sleep at 1 AM. It has been really hard getting use to a schedule because I never really know how much homework the girls are going to have. Jasmine is the slowest homeworker EVER! We will sit from 4:00 till 8:00 doing nothing but one page of homework. So when we have more than one we are there all night. I also have had to start working on the website every night because of how far behind I have gotten at work with me having to leave early every day.

I did have an off the Scale Victory, the other day I was able to fit into an XL T-shirt! This is huge for me! When I first started I was looking at having to wear a 3X but I refused to buy any so I started this journey. I can also fit my whole fist and a little more in the rim of my pants. I started at a size 20 and was about to have to go and buy a bigger size, I am now back into my 18. I will take 20 lbs. lost photos next week....

I haven't written much in the past few days because I know I will do nothing but sound like a cry baby, so to avoid that mess I really haven't wanted to bombard everyone else with my drama. I am working hard in trying to figure out a schedule so I can have time to write, exercise, work at work, then work 4 hours at home, volunteer at the school, PTO, eat healthy, get homework done, give baths, feed the kids, clean, read to kids, sing to kids, tuck kids in, well heck let’s face it be a MOM! So until next time keep up the battle my fellow Questers!


  1. Congrats on your 3 pounds!
    I was over excited when I could fit into a XL t-shirt!!