Sunday, November 10, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In (week 15 and 16)

Howdy y’all! Sorry I have been missing for a few but I have been one busy lady! I've been having to do some stuff for the Fall Carnival for the girls school, they started cheer, stuff with girls scout and I had to work a lot of overtime last week (68 hour work week) to try and get the website finished and now we have decided to completely create a new one! I could scream!!!! So January is going to be a very busy month for me. Okay, at the beginning of October I gave myself the challenge of not eating out well I FAILED! We only ate out a few time so we did do much better, our grand total for last month was ...... drum roll please......$79.64! So as I failed not eating out at all, we did way better than September which was $268.28. So I am still proud of us we gave it a good effort. You can find that blog post here.

So I have created the dinner list for this week and it is as follows.
Monday- Shrimp, grits and Bacon.
Tuesday- Hungarian Beef Goulash
Wednesday- Baked Rigatoni
Thursday - Creamy Potato Soup
Friday- Greek Chicken Pita Folds
Saturday- Beef & Broccoli
Sunday- ?

This is my suggestions for our week granted Wednesday will probably be left overs and Friday also so it might change by pushing one down a day. My goal is No more than $100.00 this week on groceries.

Okay last week’s weigh in, here she is

214.0 - No loss or gain I'm Okay with that I guess.

1.2 lbs.! I like it!!! I also changed from the Black toe nails. I was going to keep them black as a jinx thing but with Christmas coming up I wanted to support the red, so hopefully this doesn't mess me up. So Jason and I have started a weight loss challenge. The first to hit 30 lbs. lost get to pick out new furniture! I want to win but at the same time I want him to more.

Well, it has been a stressful week with all the activities, and Jasmines diagnostics test results but I can't wait to get back on the 'Mill' and start working out again. I have to start an arm workout because my skin is starting to sag there the most and if I can't find a good one then I am going to have a lot of skin there when I lose the last 83 lbs. so if anyone knows some good ones I would love some feedback, I don't want huge arms just toned as much as I will be able to.

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  1. Wonderful loss! You are doing great! The meal plan for the week looks yummy too!