Saturday, November 16, 2013

Weekly Weigh in (week 17)

Well I didn't lose a lot but it was a loss 0.2 lbs. Jason Lost 2 lbs so I have to get to working really hard if I want to beat him. Granted he gained 3 the first week he lost 2 so he is catching up. 


Okay I said a few weeks ago I would post 20 lbs loss photos. So here they are!

20 lbs. difference. (I can fit into my wedding ring again and it is almost to big!)

It is hard for me to see a difference. I do, I see it looking at these photos in my breast and my posture. My clothes fit looser and my wrist are a little smaller. I'm also not swollen because of the soda anymore. 

Well, I kind of stayed with my $100.00 dollar grocery goal I spent $107.45 I didn't do to bad I guess. So here is this weeks menu.

Monday - Curry Scallops & Cilantro Rice (maybe)
Tuesday – Healthified Chicken and Black Bean Burritos
Wednesday - Pork & Snap Pea Lo Mein
Thursday – Chili
Friday - Penne Pasta with Sweet Sausage and Basil Sauce
Saturday - Adobo Chicken
Sunday - Greek-Style Pork Chops

I am excited about Thanksgiving coming up I hope everyone has a great week, I know mine is going to be busy. I have to meet with Jasmine's Therapist, set up a bank account for my Girl Scout group, cheer, help at school and work so it will be full of fun times!

What is your favorite dish for Thanksgiving?


  1. Hi, congrats on the weight loss. I'm not sure how I found your blog, I'm on a search for moms/runner/weight loss blogs so I found it through someone's blog roll. Good luck with your journey!

    And yeah, my favorite Thanksgiving food is my mom's sausage stuffing which is now my sister's sausage stuffing since she cooks it. I am running a 10K on Thanksgiving just so I can enjoy it!

  2. Good luck on your 10K! Sausage Stuffing sounds amazing! I wish you luck on your 10K and thanks for stopping by...