Thursday, October 24, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In (Week 14)

I DID IT!!!!!!! I have made it to a loss of 20 lbs. I am so excited! I would love to hire a photographer and take comparison photos but, I mean really, I will never be able to afford that. So as soon as I can I will post a comparison picture. I really didn't think I would have a loss this week, I checked a few days ago and it did not look good. All in all I am so happy especially losing with not being able to exercise on my foot... About that, I was able to put on my shoe today and I even didn't have my compression sock on. It hurts still but not nearly as bad. Instead of hurting when I step (it still does just not as bad) it hurts when I don't have pressure on it now.

I've done over 50 hours of work this week along with planning HELPING (sorry I have to emphasize, long story) plan the Fall Festival. I'm not one to toot my own horn but TOOT, TOOT, TOOT!!! I have in one month with cash donations and gifts for door prizes, raised a good portion of money... I'm not saying I'm awesome well, OK I am (just playin) ;) !!! I am a great supporter if I'm given a chance, I love planning stuff and organizing things (other than my home lol). I was always scared to go to PTO meetings because I felt judgment (not saying this has changed) but then I realized even though I may be looked down on because I don't have as much money as someone else (which makes me laugh at how uneducated people are about me) I don't live in a nice house, I don't dress as nice, I don't have the right name, whatever it may be? I really do not know but one thing I have learned about this quest is I cannot keep living like that, I cannot let others and their discrimination's dictate my life anymore! So I have been helping with the PTO because I want to be supportive of my children and the school and to make me feel better about myself and for NO other reason! I really think the reason I have had this much success thus far is because I decided to stop letting people belittle me and I have taken front seat in my life, I am now the driver. That has been the hardest part for me. Believe me, nobody likes a backseat driver so take over, kick them out and great things will come your way.

My life has changed so much; I love the person I am becoming. I have stepped out into the world and I am no longer hiding behind a layer of shame. I have never let people bully me or anyone around me until a few years ago. I started caring what people thought and always wanted to please everyone but me. I've noticed now I still want people to like me but I'm not going to go out of my way to make that happen and I know who I want to like me now. I have become a Girl Scout assistant leader (as if I already didn't have enough to do) and I am trying to find my religion again, I have to say that trying to find that again has been pretty fun. Me and my sister in-law have been church hopping and it is very interesting the different people we have met.

So with this being National Bullying Prevention Month this is my opinion on it. I have met a few people this year that have really made me feel like crap and I have just allowed myself to succumb to their behavior. I feel as adults and parents we need to make sure we are teaching our children to respect everyone! At least until they no longer deserve your respect. If they dishonor you enough to no longer be respected then we need to show our children that even though we may not like them as a person, we still need to treat them like one. I am just flabbergasted by how many parents I have come in contact with that still to this day bully people. And in the next breath question why the world is the way it is. We need to teach the children to honor every word that comes out of their mouths. Although most adults do not do this. Change always started with one person. I'm not saying I'm perfect as a parent I have many faults but I like to believe my children treat others good. Again mine too are not perfect but that's the thing, they will never know how to treat people if I don't show them the right way.

I know this doesn't seem to be on the weight loss subject but really when you think about it, it is to me. This is part of my Quest; I am growing as a person/ mother/ wife every single second of every single day. I'm happy because I know that my children are proud of me. Well I hope I haven't bored you to bad today. So in closing... Have a wonderful week and remember be BRAVE!!!!!!!


  1. Fantastic job! 20 pounds is ah-mazing! You are doing so awesome even with the injury!
    I agree so much about the bullying! I still see it in adults that also bullied when I was younger. Sucks, but I'm finally old enough to look past it but the biggest difference between me now and how I was in my youth is that I will not allow it to happen to me or anyone in my family. Coming from being bullied has turned me into a tiger and fiercely protective of me and mine.

  2. Jen--I am totally with you about the bullying--people are so childish, even more so than actual children a lot of times! I am so proud of the change you are making in your life and that you are taking CONTROL of the situation. It all comes back to that! AND CONGRATS ON 20 LBS!!! You rock!