Saturday, October 5, 2013

Family Freaky Fridays!

OCTOBER!!!!!!! I am in love with October! Ever since the girls were little we started Family Freaky Friday's. Every Friday night we will sit at home and watch scary movies, the kids TV channels usually will have 13 nights of Halloween so when the girls were younger we would watch those movies Goosebumps etc.. Well (I know some may not agree) we are up grading! My oldest loves scary movies and she has been watching Scream etc. since last year but now they all want to join in. I am so excited! I remember when I was 5 sitting in the living room with my brother watching Nightmare on Elm, Halloween, Chucky, Friday the 13th, etc... And it was always a competition to see who could sit the longest without getting scared enough to run into our parent’s room. (I won more times than not) This is what Halloween is to me. Its scary movies, haunted houses, corn mazes, pumpkins, just great time scary fun! It is my favorite Holiday! So last nights movies, we watched all the Screams they're Jasmine's favorite. She is even being Ghost Face for Halloween.  

The hubs made an awesome apple pie last night for our snack with the movies.

It was so good!

October is filled with so much fun and new things for my family this year. Next Wednesday will be 12 weeks Soda free for me! I am so proud of myself! I never would have thought I would quit drinking pop, ever! I am really shocked at myself; I really thought I would run to sweet tea and down it all day. But I didn't, I drink water all day and one cup of coffee.

Now I have been looking at our finances and trying to create a budget (I suck at going by a budget, but I am good at saving money when I need to). We have been so set in our ways of let's just go and get something fast to eat instead of making dinner that I have noticed Jason is gaining weight fast! He would kill me for writing this but it's the truth. I have found a way to be able to eat out and still eat healthy as healthy as you can when you eat out but he doesn't. So we have decided this month we will eat only at home. Here is a break down in June 2013 (before I really began my new lifestyle) we spent $352.09 eating out! That is crazy!!!!! That is a car payment!!! I was so surprised at this, it makes me so sick! September 2013 (2 months into the new lifestyle) we have spent $268.28 eating out. This still shocks me, I really felt I was cooking more since I started but looking at it I see where Jason grabs lunch a lot and I do on Fridays. So out goal this month is to eat out not one time this month. However on the 14th and the 29 the PTO is having fundraisers for the school and its restaurant night out so we will have to order the girls something but he and I cannot eat from there. So out of the $268.28 dollars we spent last month we should only spend maybe $30.00 this month. We shall see and I promise to be 100% truthful about it.

This month is going to be so much fun! Haunted Houses, trick-or-treating (tonight at Hueston Woods State park) Kings Island Fear Fest, Pumpkin patches oh I am so excited!!!!!!

                                    Jasmine says Happy Haunting Everyone!

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  1. What an awesome idea for Fridays in Oct! Good luck with the not eating out challenge!