Sunday, December 15, 2013

Weekly Weigh - In (um week 20)

I can really not even tell you how ashamed I am of myself this month. I haven't been eating horribly but I haven't put any effort into exercising and I have been eating things that I originally cut out of my diet. Since I have tried to defeat myself I've noticed my craving for soda is beginning to overtake me. I have to find a way to put that back behind me, I've worked too hard to start that again. I cannot believe I have gone this long without posting something. I've decided Christmas isn't going to overtake me the way I let Thanksgiving! So here is my Thursdays weigh in.....

That's 2.8 lbs.! I am really happy it was not 10 but I feel like I have gained 10.

So I have tried to create a schedule before to go by but I have not been able to due to extracurricular activities for the kids. Well I am taking a stand now! I love doing extra for my children and making my life revolve around everything they need, but they need me to be healthy and alive more than they need me to be present at every PTO meeting. They have Cheer on the weekends now, Girl Scouts on Wednesdays and Jasmine has her development counseling every other Thursday so my schedule has freed up a little and I am going to not let it get crazy again. So I will do any extra hours I need to do for work on the weekends and this is how I want my weekly exercising to work.

Monday: Cardio 1 hour or more
Tuesday: Cardio 1 hour or more
Wednesday: strength at least 35 minutes
Thursday: Cardio 1 hour or more
Friday: Strength 35 minutes
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Cardio 1 hour or more

Then I have to go back to not eating out. Only eat out on special occasions. Even if it is 8:00 at night and we have been busy and running around go home and make egg sandwiches or something, anything is better than fast food. I know for a fact the 19th we will be eating out because it is Joslynn's birthday and we are starting a tradition that we take only the birthday girl and eat out with her and take her to buy her present. We will also be doing it on the 30th for Jasmine's birthday.

Everything has been going very well. Yesterday we had a scare; I came home to find my dryer sparking, so we are very blessed to have not lost everything we own. Besides that everything is great for once. We have been blessed to have been able to afford Christmas presents for our children and I am looking forward to watching them open them.

Okay, this is for Desiree - On December 2nd Jason and I was driving his cousin Macey home. Well, he pulled up next to a Student driver and yelled out the window at the kid "You can do it!!!" Well I looked at him and said why are you never spontaneous like that when it's just me and you, he says "want to see spontaneous." We drop off Macey, drive to Meijer’s because he says we need to buy Pap ( his grandpa) a birthday present. We get out of the car and my ex-boyfriend Brandon walks up to us and him and Jason are talking we get in the store Jason says stay right here he finds an Isle and stops us in the middle and starts running around like a mad man. Brandon ask me what he is doing and I told him about the car thing and tell him he is trying to be spontaneous so who knows lol. Next thing you know all these people come walking up surrounding us and this lady says "Is he going to propose?" then it hit me! He dropped to one knee and popped the question. He says I took forever to answer but I just remember being frozen in shock! I had waited two years for that question and many of nights of me asking him for him to tell me it will happen.

It didn't hit me until the next day as to where it took place lol. I guess he had asked my mom and his granny for ideas as to where to ask me and they told him somewhere that means a lot to me and him, somewhere that is special to us. Okay, not saying I don't like the way it went down but every Friday we would go out to eat, go to the Drive-in Movie and them goof off at Meijer’s. So he chose our special place to be Meijer’s lol. The way I see it that must have been the place where he seen me for who I really was most the time. I don't know and I like the fact that it's not a normal Location.


  1. Oh my goodness! Girl, I feel you with the holidays and the eating! I feel like I've gained all my weight back and then some. November/December have been HORRIBLE for me too!
    So grateful that you guys were able to catch the dryer before something bad could have happened! OMG how scary!
    Aww your engagement story is just too cute! Chris and mine is more or less just deciding to do it LOL. But your story is sweet (talk about being spontaneous!)

  2. I LOVE the engagement story! That is so cute!! Patrick totally proposed to me in a hotel room because I ruined his original plan...he wanted to go to Cataract Falls (a really pretty waterfall/park that we went to a lot in college) but I said it was way too cold and refused to go...oops. It could have been a lot more scenic if I had just let him take me there! :)