Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Who are you?

As we all probably know Facebook is being plagued by get to know me post! Well I am a sucker for them! I love these post because I always learn something new. So here is some facts about me. I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share some fun facts about you!

1. I am completely head over heels in love with my Husband! 

2. I have been blessed to have 3 amazingly beautiful Daughters. 

3. Jason proposed to me in Meijers super center in the lingerie department. 

4. I love to love music that most people don't know or like.

5. I like to play video games! I am so a gamer!

6. I miss my grandparents everyday and wish my girls had a chance to experience the relationships I had with mine. Wish I was able to see my Grandma Betty more and need to make it more of a priority to do so!

7. I am addicted to "19 kids and counting" and "Sister Wives."

8. I want to move away so bad so my girls wont be let down so much! Okay it's starting to look like my depression is setting in lol!

9. I love to SING as loud as I can and drive my girls crazy!!!!!!

11. The doctor who delivered me named me Jennifer after his daughter because my Mom and Dad could not agree on a name, it was either going to be Rose or Danielle.

10. I love History and learning about it!

12. I used to tell everyone I was born in a bowling alley.

13. I am in love with Black Beans!!!!!!

14. I do eat it every now and then but I do not like Chocolate!

15. I gave birth to Jasmine 6 weeks early and out of all three she is the only one I had medication with. The other two were all natural. ( I'm proud of that).

16. I have lived in Michigan, Oregon, and Alaska and have been to every state in America except 3.

17. OMG I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM WRITING THIS! I once accidentally used 
Preparation H as tooth paste! 

18. I have always wanted to be a Air Traffic Controller!

19. Next month will be a year since I quit smoking.

20. I was in a very bad bicycle wreck when I was little and when I scrunch my forehead up I have two indents from it.

21. When I was 8 I was hit by a car and wouldn't let the paramedics take me to the hospital because It was opening day and I had some Ball to play!

22. I wrote a children's Book! (unpublished)

23. I love to cook (but never really have time). 


  1. Have you ever tried refried black beans? YUM!
    Nice work on the states. That's one of my goals, to visit all 50 states!

  2. I haven't ever had re-fried black beans, I'll have to try it. I definitely recommend visiting as many as you can. New Mexico has the coolest rest stops ever!!!

  3. I love beans! It's such a great way to add protein to our diet and it's affordable :)

    Super fun list.