Thursday, October 3, 2013

Weigh In (Week 11)

So sorry for not writing I have been in a lot of the pain the past few days. This is all way to much information but here we go. I went to the doctor and he said I have some disorder I cannot even pronounce. So here is what’s going on basically my food is being processed through my small colon but once it hits the large colon it swells up and creates a lot of pressure making it feel like something is wedged under my rib. This is also causing constipation which SUCKS! He gave me some medication to try and help me to have more regular bowl movements if it doesn't then I will have to have more test. It worries me because a lot of my mom's side of the family has died from stomach cancer. I'm still in a lot of pain, but I have to fight it off and get back to it. 

So for the weigh in.... I am down 1 lb.!

                                              Wow look at my toe nails, I need to fix that lol.

Nice I have made it under 215, it seemed I was stuck and couldn't move from there. I was really scared about it because on Tuesday I had weighed myself and it said 217, I was really scared but it ended up being a great one. Well I don't really have a lot to say I need to get up and move some so keep up the good work everyone!!!

One question for everyone... Do you like Fitness Pal or Spark People better and why?


  1. Ouch, so sorry about the pain and discomfort that you have been feeling lately. Hopefully you can get some relief soon and they can control it with meds.
    Wonderful loss this week! You are well on your way to ONEderland!

  2. Oh! And as far as your question goes, my preference is My Fitness Pal. I just find Sparkpeople a bit cluttered and hard to navigate. And with MFP, they have that neat feature that you can scan in barcodes of food items. Plus they have a TON of food in their database and I like the convenience of being able to enter my own recipes just to see exactly how many calories each item is.

  3. Thanks Desiree, I like MFP also, I seen your log-in days WOW! How did you do that. I made it to 35 and forgot one night and it started all over errr... I am using both right now but I wasn't sure which one I wanted to go with and be done with one. I like some of the aspects of SparkPeople and I like some on MFP but I do think SP is very cluttered.

    1. Not sure how I've managed, but I try to log in every morning and pre-log my food. It helps keep me honest each day so I think that also helps with the streak too.