Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In (week 12)

Well lets just get it out there... I gained this week yes GAINED! 

Err a 2 lb gain!
I was sitting here all day Thursday trying to figure out what went wrong, I was telling Jason I don't understand what the problem was I stayed on track! Well for all the reasons people get married, he looks at me and does his job as a husband and says "Jenn, don't get mad but you really haven't stayed on track this week." I said “Yes I did and started going over everything I ate." He starts giggling and says “You also had Apple Pie with ice cream and Cookie's and cream birthday cake." I had totally over looked these things. I don't EVER (well not ever but it is very few and far between) eat sweets so I didn't even think about it being a big deal. I was so wrong! I even looked at my logging for the week and I added the Apple Pie for one day but nothing else. I know I ate another piece but must have decided I didn't need to log it. I know I shouldn't beat myself up for it but I am very disappointed in myself. I have not been as dedicated as I need to be. The one thing I keep telling myself that these are the struggles we go through when trying to change our lives this way. That it isn't an easy road and we will struggle more than anything. However, I know I have got to overcome these burdens and get back into the game. So thanks to Jason for being truthful and opening my eyes to the truth and making me see I wasn't doing what I was telling myself I was doing.

Now, the first week of not eating out and so far so good! We have not eaten out once this week. So I am doing well on that front. I have to really work my butt off this week because this coming Saturday is going to be my first 5K!

I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. Omg your first 5k!! That is so super exciting! I hope that you have a great time :) And a 2 pound gain is nothing--you got this!!!

  2. Thanks Kelly. I am very very excited!!!!!

  3. Sorry about the gain but good luck in 2 days with your first 5k!