Saturday, October 19, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In (week 13) / First 5K

I did it! I lost that unwanted 2 lbs I am happy! 

Now, moving on to my first 5K. 

Well I just got done 2 hours ago and as I am sitting here typing this, I am trying to fall asleep. So here it is, the day started off rainy and cold so I was worried about the 5K but it stopped raining and the sky turned blue. It was freezing though but I had a good amount of layers on so I was good! 

They lined everyone up according to runners, walkers, and how fast you usually go. Jason was with me and he said the game plan was we would run right off the bat, < Hahahaha he is so funny! Well we did and sure as shit I was done before half a mile. From there on he tried to get me to run but I was dying for water! And of course all my demons were keeping me from doing it. Around a mile and a half (I believe) I finally talked Jason into Running. He was being so supportive but I didn't want him to be held back walking slowly with me when he is a runner. So he finally went and I love watching him run!

By a mile my shins were killing me! I wanted to cry, I believe I may have. Then at just under a mile in a half I started having really bad Heart Palpitations.  This has been happening for a little over a month now and as I write this it is happening. But I have never felt them like that before, it scared me but I told myself come hell or high water I am finishing this thing even if I drop dead of a heart attack! Once I rounded the half way marker and started heading back a huge relief hit me. I wasn't sure if it was the fact that I was about to be handed water or that soon enough I would be back and I could finally pick the wedgie that was driving me CRAZY!!!!!!! I also noticed my shoes felt so loose, so I'm thinking my feet have shrunk a little because my shoes felt like they was slipping the whole time.

I finished in 196th place over all out of 250 people, 18th in my age range, gun time 55:39 with an average mile time of 17:53 mile. I was surprised by the 17:53 because I usually average a 22:00 minute mile, so I shaved some time off!

All in all besides my feet killing me and my lungs (finally starting to feel better), it was a great time!!!!

I was so proud of myself! I started crying before the race on our way there because I never would have seen myself doing anything like this in my life, Ever! I have overcome so much this past year trying to better my life and it been one HELL OF A RIDE!!!!!


  1. Good writing Jen. I am so proud of you! I could not have done it.

  2. Wonderful just wonderful! Great loss this week and then a 5K on top of it! You are doing so great! Way to go!

  3. Thank you both so much. And Desiree you are a big reason for it, reading your blog has helped me a lot! So thank you so much!