Monday, August 26, 2013

Monday Weigh-In (week 6)

Well it's Monday and that means weigh-ins. I didn't lose anything this week! So my scale says anyway, the scale at work says 219 lbs. but I have to stick to mine. I was sad about it this morning but Jason looked at me and said "it's no big deal, at least you didn't gain." He is right! I could be mopey all day but it's a new week and I'm pushing for something next week.

I did have a victory off the scale; I was able to fit comfortably into my size 18 Jeans, I so love this! Not only that, but I went 3 miles on the treadmill! 

I usually watch a show when I'm walking, but last night I couldn't so I watched music videos. So my going 3 miles is all thanks to Bear's Den, Mumford & Sons, and Awolnation. 

This is Bear's Den; I in no way own the rights to this video, just sharing the love!

Continuing-- I made chicken quesadillas Sunday for lunch and wow, they were awesome. However, I did flub Saturday, we were driving down the road and I got a big whiff of someone cooking steak - I was done! That’s all it took was the smell and I was drooling. So we had steak and baked potato, I am proud of myself because I use to eat a steak the size of my plate and this time it was almost the same size as the potato. I also used two tablespoons of sour cream; I've been trying to stick to just 1 but oh well... Life goes on.

On Monday Jasmine, and Joslynn went back to school, then on Thursday Jaelynn started Kindergarten. I cried so badly. I saw this little girl crying and it was horrible! Once I seen her I was done. I at least was able to hide it from Jaelynn but I cannot imagine when they go to move out. 

With them starting school last week it made it crazy. Now I've got the schedule down so this week I should be able to kick some weight loss butt. I really have to watch Friday and Saturday because we are going to the concert. So I will let you know how that goes. I'm not sure how long I'm going to walk tonight; I'll just play it like I did last night. So until tomorrow, Stay good everyone!


  1. Sorry the scale wasn't behaving, but your hubby is right! At least it wasn't a gain! I'm a sucker for steaks too. I'm glad (and so is my waistline) that we don't have them very often now. Usually just for special occasions (like Game of Thrones season premiere, etc...) heh

    Those kiddos sure grow up quick! Enjoy it while you can. Before you know it, they will be 19 and hardly ever come home anymore *cries*.

    Hope you have a wonderful time at the concert! Who are you seeing perform?

  2. Yeah, I have avoided them for two months now so I just had to have one! And oh yes they do grow way to fast.

    We are going to see Mumford & Sons. I cannot wait!

  3. Jennifer, yay for no gain! And you're right...routine will help. I always do better when I have a routine!