Wednesday, August 7, 2013

London Broil

Yesterday I didn't walk as long as I wanted, I only walked half a mile, However to give myself a little credit I wanted to go longer but I went to adjust the Kindle and I lifted up the shirt I use to cover the clock and when I did it erased everything and stopped, So I stopped. There was no way I was starting over; I was in a special mood yesterday.

I made a London broil and it was horrible, I have got to learn a good recipe because the one I used tasted like pure crap! So this really upset me, I was looking forward to a good dinner.
(I mean does this not look great? Don't let it fool you, I should have just given it to my dogs.)

I went to go to bed and I heard a car door slam, me being the tough girl I am... instead of getting the shot gun I open the door look out and I hear another door slam and I yell "who's there?" I swear I am so smart, like really are they going to pop out and say "Oh hey, I'm just breaking into your car but my name is ______." Good thing it was Jason lol, I almost shat myself!

I made chicken, corn, mashed potatoes (more for the kids wants) and salad for dinner tonight, It turned out really good, thank god compared to last night catastrophe. Well Joslynn kept saying she is hungry then finally she looks at me and says " Mommy, I'm starving, I wish we could eat pizza all the time again it was way faster." LOL she cracks me up.

This was my lunch a crab salad, It was amaezing!

Joslynn waiting impatiently for the food to get done.

Awesome chicken  I'll put up the recipe tomorrow.

Well my work out tonight, Guess what I did... I MADE IT TO TWO MILES!!!!!!!!
I am so proud of myself. Tomorrow is weigh in I can’t wait to see how I've done.

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