Monday, August 5, 2013

How to start a Lawn mower...

 I did it, I made it to a mile and a half!

At half a mile, I wanted to die! It was so nice out today, I took the girl's friends home and I wanted to go to a park in the next town over and walk but I decided when I pulled back into the drive way the grass needed mowed. So I did that since Jason has worked 18 hour days this whole week and has hardly been home. Well my yard is evil; I mean it is a pure bitch. I have gone through 3 mowers in the past two year and my newer one just broke but it can be fixed. I was stuck with the old push mower my in-laws lent us.

 OK, I can stand out there for hours and pull, pull and pull and nothing happens. I check the primer and nope, just when you have given up all hope after 20 minute of cranking, it starts! You start going and as soon as you hit any grass about 3 inches it tries to die (if this happens, you might as well throw in the towel) it happened at least 5 times. I was almost done and it died again, I tried to get her going again so I'm cranking the shit out of this mower and after 10 more times of pulling and pulling I rip open the blister that had formed, sure enough it starts and then dies after 5 minutes. At that point I threw it into the shed and walked away like the bigger person. I know my neighbors have to love me right now. I could only imagine someone has videotaped me and put me on YouTube because I scream every curse word in the book at this thing, I've kicked it, thrown it, spat on it and it is still relentless. It is the lawn mower from hell!


(I know, I'm a baby but I've been squished between two transmissions housing ,I've had a frame rail land on my foot, I've had all kinds of bigger injuries 
but you give me a paper scratch and I'm down for days.)

Well, during my walk I started out going at a pace of 2.0, I went this speed for 13 min. I then bumped up to 2.5 for 3 min., then 2.9 for 3 min., then 3.1 for 4 min. Then I went back down to 2.0 for a little longer and repeated. I don't know about anyone else but with how short I am at 3.1 it feels like I need to jog. At 1.107 I wanted to give up (this is my quitters spot) but I kept going, the wall was pushing and pushing, then it really did feel like it came crumbling down. I hit that high and I was all smiles, I could have walked so much longer but I could hear Jazz and Joss Fighting so I had to go be a mediator. Maybe tonight, maybe tonight!


  1. I'm 5'3 (and 3/4 so I say 5'4 LOL!) I feel your pain about the 3.1 jogging feeling. I felt that way for such a long time. Walking fast is tough!

  2. Yeah, I'm 5'1 and when I hit 3.5 I just want to almost start sprinting. Although last night I did notice that 2.0 was way boring so I went straight to a 2.5. So I hope it does get easier.