Thursday, August 8, 2013

Loving my losing

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my Hubs was off work and as soon as I got home we went school clothes shopping. It was so nice spending time with him; I haven’t seen him for more than maybe an hour a day for the past 2 weeks. It was a little harder yesterday, I have been craving Mexican for weeks now (probably why I have been trying to put mild sauce on everything, I even debated putting it on my oatmeal. ewe..) so I went to Taco Bell yesterday for lunch. I was just going to get a chicken soft taco fresco style but I went with a Cantina Bowl and that was a huge mistake, my stomach did not like that at all, I haven’t eaten that much in three weeks, so I learned my lesson. We didn't get done shopping until around 9 and I finally stopped to grab something. I wanted to choose something better, looking at my fitness pal's calculations the regular salad was just a little under the taco salad so I went with the latter, I was surprised and very happy to see how small it was and it got rid of my craving. I stayed under my calorie goal (thank goodness) but I still feel really bad.

So my weigh in was a success, I lost 3 Lbs. this makes me so happy. I am very proud of myself for how hard I have been working, I almost wanted to get a little upset when I get on the scale and only seen a 3 lb. loss, then I reminded myself this is going to take a while and 3 lbs. is really good, I almost think I would be worried if it was more. 

Yesterday was my day off and I hate having a day off, I swear ever since I started working out if I miss a day I am so stressed the next day, I cry at least once, I get way overwhelmed and just feel sluggish. So I have decided I have to do something every day even if it is just for 10 minutes.

I am excited, tomorrow I took the day off work and the family and I are heading to Kings Island. I'm hoping it doesn't rain, if it does we will find something else. We really haven’t been able to do anything together this summer, we really need a family day. So tonight I have to go and get some healthy snacks to pack.

I got a new sports bra on clearance for 5 dollars, I can definitely say these babies are not moving! I'm also going to get me a new pair of shoes tonight to walk in, I REALLY need a new pair. 

OK totally changing topic.... I was sitting at my desk at work and I looked over at my water bottle, I had to take a photo. I never had a water bottle sitting at my desk especially one this big and almost empty and wanting more to drink. I can't believe I have made it this far. I cannot believe I have stopped drinking pop and am now drinking 66 oz. of water a day with nothing else but my coffee in the morning. I can't believe I am drinking it plain without adding those Lipton flavor pack things. I crave water now! I just can't wait to reach the end of my road but so far, I have learned to love myself and am so proud of myself.
My water bottle, I'm awesome like that!

Just wanted to share one more photo, it was so pretty this morning, we had so much fog it reminded me of Oregon which I love and miss. So here it is... I had a beautiful drive into work..

Happy Thursday everyone and I will try to post a post tomorrow.

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