Saturday, August 10, 2013

Kings Island

Yesterday we woke up ready for Kings Island; the kids were ready to leave as soon as they got us up. I wanted to make a good breakfast that way they would hold off on being hungry until noon, they was so mad we had to wait around (they aren't use to me eating breakfast) so instead of the old normal me giving them a bowl of cereal, pop tart, whatever to make it fast so we could leave. I made eggs on an English muffin.

              Eggs, Ranch dressing, Chives, and Whole Wheat English Muffin, topped with Swiss cheese.

 We had to go to the car dealership and get another set of keys for the Van. It was raining so once we got done with that we decided to go over to the Mall across the street and see if any of the stores had good deals going for shoes. Sears had a pretty good deal, buy one get one 50% off but I am a Wal-Mart gal, I can’t bring myself to buy shoes that are $20.00 or above (I know, if I want a good pair I have to pay for them) I just have so much guilt buying things for myself when we are so tight on money. After looking and not finding anything we went over to some other stores which ended up being more failures, searching store after store I gave up.
These are my old shoes; I am such a tightwad, look at these shoes. I got these on clearance 3 years ago for $30.00 and I believe I have gotten my money worth lol. That is ridiculous. (Yes, that is my finger sticking through those hole).

The new pair Dr. Scholl’s, they felt so comfy when I tried them on, I just hope they are while walking a long distance, I'll find out tonight.

It was starting to clear up so we decided to head on to Kings Island and have a fun day. It was almost noon, so we decided to stop at Frisch's and grab a bite before going (I did NOT want to go in that park while being hungry). I ordered the soup and salad bar; I had a half cup of veggie soup and a salad, very lite and refreshing. We get to the park and there is almost nobody there (maybe 20 rows halfway field up) so even though I knew I could have parked really close I parked about 250 to 300 yards to entrance.

We decided to rent a stroller to make it a little easier on Jaelynn,  as well as having something to put the umbrellas in (we have been stuck in the rain here way to many times) and not have to lug around 2 heavy backpacks all day. Turns out it made it easier on all three of them lol.

Jasmine looks so amused lol.

OK, so we set out to have a fun field day but deep down for me I was a nervous wreck. On June 20, 2013 the carnival was in town , Jasmine, Joslynn and their little friends Maxine (Max) and Pippa all went to get on a ride and the guy let Jaeynn on as well and she was not tall enough! Jodi (Pippa and Max's mom) and I were walking behind the kids and we told them all to get on the spinning apples and instead they all ran onto the starship (you can Google a photo of it) Jason and Ryan (Pippa & Max's dad) were with the girls (me and Jodi were gossiping a ways behind) but they didn’t realize Jaelynn was to short so they never said anything, the guy never measured her or anything. Jodi and I make it to the guys and find out the girls got on the ride, I was nervous for Jaelynn but the ride had been going for about a minute and so far everything was good.

I relaxed a little and as soon as I did the doors opened and every single person came off the ride screaming and crying ,children and adults (it was like the Walking Dead was unleashed and everyone was running from Zombies!) Next thing I know Pippa comes up to me and is crying and screaming its baby Jae, its baby Jae!!!!! My heart dropped, I screamed for Jason, he and Ryan were already on the ride. I was running around trying to find help, I could hear Jason and Ryan yelling "get it the F@!#$ off of her." then "MOVE!" then a big boom and I finally gave up and went to run on the ride but I froze! I was so scared of what I might see, I was scared that might have been the last time I would have ever seen my baby. Next thing I know I see Jason running off the ride with Jaelynn in his arms, He ran her to the medical tent and it turned out it was her leg, she had gotten it stuck in between the seat on the ride and as the ride was going it was going up and down on her leg the whole time (some girls found me and told me it happened a few seconds after the ride started and they couldn’t get the ride conductor to stop) she sat on that ride for over a minute with it jamming her leg between the rollers and plastic. (On the ride the seats go up and down) We took her to the hospital and by the grace of God she had no broken bones. Even the carnival workers couldn’t believe it, one guy told me between the seat is rollers, plastic, wood then metal and he doesn’t know how she still had her leg much less it not getting broken. 

Then of course I had everyone telling me to sue them... First, the way I see it is, my baby is still here and that is all that matters. Second, she walked away with a bruise and now a hematoma. Third, I would feel like I am chancing fate or I am very ungrateful, if she was badly hurt then maybe but I believe in Karma and I think she would look down on me for that. 
She is such a tough girl, they gave us free tickets for the next day and Jason was on duty working the carnival so we went, she didn’t ride rides but she did the fun house. I was proud of her for even going back, I was scared that would make her scared of carnivals but it didn’t.

This was 1 month after the accident. 

This was today, It's still there and she has an indentation like in the top photos. I also have noticed when she is sitting or sleeping in a weird way like on her knees her leg will turn pail blue, so I am taking her to the doctor again to make sure her nerves were not hurt.

OK back to our day...

We set out for planet snoopy; they started off riding the swings. I was so proud of Jaelynn it was like she forgot all about her accident and she jumped right on every ride (me not so much lol). Jasmine and Joslynn are big enough to ride bigger rides so Jason told me to take them and he would ride rides with Jaelynn. When I walked into the park I felt so good about myself, I knew how hard I have been working and I just felt like everyone else did too (they didn’t). Off to the beast we went, Jasmine loves this ride and it was my first time riding with her. Joslynn didn’t want to ride so she had to sit in the cage. The whole ride I was having a panic attack I think, in the end all was well, we ended up riding the stunt car racers, adventure express, and Jasmine and I rode the drop tower.

She is fearless!

When we got on the ride I almost couldn’t get it buckled, I could see people’s faces as they stared at me. Their faces were horrible, they was looking at me like I was a plague or with sympathy but with disgust at the same time. I can only imagine what they were thinking, I was horrified. There was no way I was getting off that ride so I pushed one last time and it buckled, all I wanted to do was run off the ride and cry. All these people were thinking "why would she let herself get like that," not knowing I am finally working my ass off to get rid of it. IF ONLY THEY KNEW! I don't think I ever really noticed the looks before because I was in denial myself, now that I'm not I seen every single stare.

Jason and Jasmine ended up going to ride the Beast one last time, so Joslynn, Jaelynn and I all went to planet snoopy again. Joslynn wanted to ride the train so that's what we did.
They go around and I'm waiting on them to get off then next thing I know the ambulance is driving by then stops at the ride. I dropped everything and ran over there all my worse fears were coming back full force, I seen a little kid on the ground but I couldn't see who it was. Then I felt Joslynn touch my arm and say "Mommy, that little boy tripped and hit his eye when he got off the ride." So I collected myself so they didn't get upset and off we went. (the little boy was OK just had a little scrape, thank god.)

Around 5:30 we decided we had enough, we stopped and got some salads from McDonalds and then went to Wal-Mart to get me some shoes (I will let you know how I like them tonight). I got so sun burnt it is crazy! All in all even with my own unpleasant feeling of self-consciousness kicking in we had an awesome family day, we have been trying to get to KI for two months now, but with Jaelynns accident and Jason working everyday we haven't been able to and I kinda haven't wanted to because I was scared after her accident to let her on another ride. So today she and I over came fears I believe, although I think I was really the only one scared. ;) I feel I did good with my food intake and am glad I stuck to my plains instead of letting Junk food take over me. 

I hope all of you have had a great weekend, keep up the good work!
Sorry for the long and downer post.

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