Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Weigh-In (week 5)/ Mumford & Sons

I am so excited! My Mumford & Sons tickets came in, I will take a photo tomorrow I left them with the husband today and he hid them and I don't know where and he is too busy to call and find out. That is another reason I started to lose weight, I wanted to lose a lot before the concert but I had 5 months to start and instead of starting I waited. Better late than never right. I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! Oh I almost forgot, me being lost looking through the passport book, Jasmine grabbed one of the bracelets, put it on and tightened it all the way! I flipped out, you can’t loosen it and my wrist isn't as little as a 9 year old. Thank goodness they said they will have one waiting for us when we get there.

Well it is Monday, which means it is weigh in day. I didn't do to great but I did pretty well. I lost 1 lb.

Sorry about my work socks, I almost forgot to weigh in and had to run back in and do it real fast.

It was hard last week staying on track, (eating wise) I wanted to fall into my old ways and not eat. So this week I am making a schedule to make myself stay on track. It's really hard for me to really know when I am going to have time to eat but I am going to have to make time. So I am going to make a goal to set eating times and staying with it, also I am going to start trying to keep a meal planner (this will take a minute).

I worked out tonight, I only did 15 minutes. I walked for 5 minutes, Ran for 5 minutes, and walked at an incline of grade 6 for 5 minutes. I feel great. Tomorrow we have Jasmines Diagnostics test so I can't wait to get the ball rolling on that so we can maybe start helping her out more and understanding how she learns and how to talk to her. I'm off to bed, have a good day tomorrow everyone!

Until next time


  1. Keep it up. It can be discouraging. But by setting smaller goals to go along with the bigger long term goals, helps a lot.

    1. Yes, when I first started I was setting goals and I kinda shied away thinking I had it all under control. Well I didn't, so goals will be set from here on out. You are so right!

  2. Great job on that 1 lb loss! And you know you will get there! Baby steps as far as goals go! You can do it!