Sunday, August 11, 2013

I do this for my Daughter's

I said I would tell you all the main reason I started this journey a while ago, well here it is.
My daughter Joslynn is starting to get a little on the plump side (I would never say this to her). My daughters have only had me to look up to and the other women in their lives... well we have all got some meat on us. They have only seen me and how I eat, they have only had the food I have given them, and they have only had the drinks I have laid in front of them.

On July 9th, I made chicken stir fry. It was storming that day and when Jason got home he told me to step outside and look at the sky, Jason, Jasmine, Jaelynn and I all went out front to look. I turned to ask a question and I notice Joslynn wasn't there, I walked back into the house and she was standing in front of the bowl of the extra rice and had a huge hand full and piling it in her mouth. I always let her eat everyone's leftovers if she wanted and never said anything, I wasn't worried about it.

That was the day that woke me up! Why would I let my daughter eat like this? How could I let this happen? I have made my daughter’s life worse and she may have an eating disorder at the age of 7 and its all due to me. So these last three weeks I have been changing our eating habits, I am so happy I have seen the light, I am so happy that maybe by me changing my life and showing I care about myself that it might help them want to be healthy also. I love my daughters and would never tell them they are "FAT" or anything. I would never tell them they need to not eat something because it will make then gain weight!

I do not believe she has a full blown eating disorder and I do believe I caught it in time, the biggest reason I am concerned for all of them is I started my women hood at 9,yes that is right 9! I believe Joslynn is beginning her process, and I do believe that is the cause of her being hungrier and gaining more weight. I just feel so bad I have let myself go and my girls have been looking up to me this whole time and have seen me doing nothing to better myself.

 I have notice changes in this past month, I've noticed they want to eat the healthier stuff and haven't been wanting junk food, they have been happier, and more energetic, instead of asking for juice or other unhealthy drinks they want water, they have adjusted very well to the new eating habits. I am so proud of them for how well they have adjusted because I know after years of them being able to eat whatever they want it has to be hard on them, but they have acted like it is no big deal. I do cook something on the side for them every now and then, mac-n-cheese etc. you know the kids favorites.

So in writing this (which is a very hard thing to do) I seen a blog post that has helped me very much and I love every single bit of it! "How to talk to your daughter about her weight" I love everything in this. I can't wait to see the changes in the whole family as we go on this journey together. I just hope they don't have to struggle through life the way I have, I hope them seeing me make a change will guide them in the right direction.

What made/ or makes you want to change your life to better it?

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