Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Shoes

Well I put the shoes to the test, at first it was awesome, and I was able to start off at 2.7 and then very shortly after bumped up to 3.0. The shoes really made me feel like I could walk easier and were very comfy. However, come 10 minutes in my shins were screaming! I had my right shoe tide to tight and every time I stepped down it felt like it was pulling my shin. I went back down to 2.5 hoping it would go away and it did release a little so then I went back to 3.0. Around 17 minutes I had to go back and stay at 2.5, I only did 1 mile. I felt awesome I could have went longer but with how bad my shins were hurting I didn’t want to get shin splints so I made myself quit. Tomorrow is my 2 miler, I hope I can make it without them hurting like they did tonight. I really do love the shoes though, just need to break them in.

I made an awesome dinner tonight you can find the recipe here. I call it Apple Chop Delight and its only 301 Calories. Well sorry for the short post, I'm going to snuggle with my love... Night everyone!

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