Saturday, August 3, 2013

But Officer.....

  This is going to be a little off the weight loss topic but just a little. This morning the Hubs and I both had to work, so I had no babysitter. So what do I do? I take them with me. I'll give them games to play and they can could go and play in the play house and on the swing set? Well.... not so much, who knew it was going to be raining this morning? Not this girl. Well I get some games, pile them in the Van and head off (running late mind you). Thank goodness I have an awesome lady (Annette) who works with me because she was keeping them in-line. Around nine the boss (my Dad) sent me home (Thank God!) because I had the girls.

We get home and Jasmine is seriously driving me crazy wanting me to cut open a watermelon. While I'm cutting it I am looking at the juice and I made myself a cup. Oh it was so good! So my breakfast was a bowl of watermelon and Watermelon juice. The girls are having a sleep over, so their friend’s mom and I met at Mickey D's and grabbed lunch. I asked my girls if they wanted Hamburgers, chicken nuggets, or a salad and they all three said salad. :) This makes me happy; I must be rubbing off on them. I took a picture, However, I am using a dinosaur of a phone now and forgot to hit save. Really! Do y'all remember those days? Lol... needless to say, I didn't.

We went Krogering and got all kinds of goodies. 
(I remembered save on this one).

On our way back, we were driving down the road and we are jamming to Nirvana and I pull into my mother-in-laws driveway and there is a State Boy behind me with lights on. I start shaking, and flipping out. He steps to the window "license and registration." Start thinking to myself (Crap I didn't get my driver’s license off the kitchen table this morning!) I tell him my Social and he tells me he pulled me over for speeding. What do I say...? "But Officer, I was following that SUV". I am brilliant. Not only does it suck I was an idiot who was speeding, But try explaining this to my husband who is a COP! OH... that's going to be a fun one when he gets home.

My husband has told me over and over again what to do in the case of being pulled over (put your hands on the steering wheel, say sir or mam, turn the radio off before they get to the window so on and so forth). I don't think I did any of these. I know I said Officer a lot, but I think my radio was still on, I was moving around everywhere when he walked up. Err I could kick myself right now.

So tonight the kids want Spaghetti and I guess that's what I have to make. I am hoping to be able to get my walk in, so I hope they all pass out quick. If not I'll walk in the morning and tomorrow night. I walked last night and still only made it to a mile. I really don't know why I can't get over the ledge on this. Just keep pushing I guess.

Until next time-


  1. I HATE getting pulled over! I know there are all kinds of things you're supposed to do, but I *HATE* the idea of getting in trouble (have since I was little) and I just get nervous and shaky and can't function like a human :( Love reading your blog! <3, Kelly over at

  2. Getting pulled over SUCKS! I got pulled over 2 days before my birthday and still got a 90$ ticket boooo!

  3. Yes it does... Two days before your b-day would really suck! Thanks Kelly, I've been enjoying reading yours as well. Czesia yours also, I was going to make my old boring zucchini tonight then I seen your zucchini pizza recipe and that I will make tomorrow I think, they look awesome!