Thursday, July 25, 2013

Work it Baby..

 Super proud of myself, I have not had anything, but water today (10 Glasses to be exact). Heck yay! This woman is on a mission. Not only am I sticking to that goal, but I walked at a pace between 2.5 and 3.3, took 23.36 minutes and I burned 117 calories, 2nd day now. I want to be up to two miles, averaging better times, by next week.

Yes, that is dust you see on there, But Hey, It's being dusted off.

I felt awesome today, I put on a pair of my Jeans and instead of having that, I want to bust out of my jeans any minute, feeling. I felt comfortable in them. It is really amazing at what a week of really trying will do. That is another feet I have overcome, Lasting more than two days and believe me, I am dedicated this time. I will get into the main story on what woke me up another day. 

    So, I made some awesome chicken tonight (see my fav recipes page for details), and it was awesome! I am really starting to feel good about myself again, Other than the new recipe and trying my best to stick to my goals, this was pretty much my day, besides work of course.

 Until next check in.  - Peace-

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