Wednesday, July 24, 2013

27 Reasons

Well, I have been doing really well on my no pop adventure.  We will see come next (Don't want to weigh in Wednesday). So, today I am going to write 27 reasons to lose weight, my bucket list for when I am fit. I have decided on 27 because I just celebrated my 27th birthday... I'm very torn about it. So, in the light of that, and it is The Hubs and my 9th wedding anniversary today, and I am 4 pant sizes bigger and 66 lbs. heavier. I have decided to create my list. I thought it might help, and when I do lose, it will be nice to go back and see what I wrote and answer how living the dreams really feel.

1. My family

2. When I and hubs take a shower together (which is very often) it won't matter the size of the shower anymore.

3. Being able to get undressed in front of my husband, and know for a fact, when he tells me he likes what he sees, I feel better about it being true.

4. Run - I hate running, but I want to do a mud race so bad!

5. Ski Dive

6. Sex - I can only imagine how much better it is. It's good now, but I would like my hubs to be able to throw me around a little. ;)


8. being able to wear clothes and not feel like I am popping out all over.

9. I am hoping I will have a smaller bra size. I want my back not to hurt so badly.

10. How fantastic is being able to wear some sexy lingerie going to be? I hope as fantastic as I imagine.

11.  Being able to prop my feet up on the dash board on a car trip again.

12. being able to walk around a water park, hell anything to do with water and not be in long shorts and a t-shirt. Being able to wear a bathing suit!

13. Ride a bike again.

14. Go and hang out with friends, instead of being the odd one out or feeling that way because I'm the fattest.

15. Take pictures all the time and be IN them.

16. Go and try out for one of those idol singing shows. I might not be great but at least I tried.

17. Drink water like it’s going out of style.

18.  Go and buy something from Victoria Secret.

19. Wear the necklaces my husband and kids have bought me over the years, and not feel like I am being choked.

20. be able to sleep, re-build a carburetor, drive or heck anything involving my hands and they not fall asleep.

21. being able to go to a restaurant and not feel like people are criticizing me for how big I am.

22. Going on family walks/ hikes.

23. Swinging on a swing set with my kids, and swinging as high as I can and jumping off like I use to when I was their age. (I'm sure the hospital visit after that will be a funny blog story, so stay tuned for that.)

24. being able to sit in a lawn chair without it feeling like my thighs are being ripped off.

25. Oh I almost forgot... Being able to wear Shorts and a tank top! Yes. I'm screaming that...

26. Feel proud for my hubby, not ashamed, (even though, I know he doesn't feel this way) When he introduces me to someone.

27. Being Happy!

I could go on and on. I definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight very therapeutic.

So my goal for today since it’s been a week since
my quitting pop,soda,cola however you say it, I think I'm going to make it a rule that I have to drink at least a glass of water with each meal before I'm allowed anything else. I'm trying to train my taste buds to like water in the end that will train my belly to get in to shape.

I can honestly say that after a week of no pop, my stomach has felt empty not blotted, my shirts and pants are fitting a little better. So Next Wednesday we will see if it is paying off. Not sure about y'all but I have my fingers crossed.

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