Friday, July 26, 2013

"Instead of shakin it like a salt shaker, I'll be churning like a butter maker."

  Well tonight I am home all by myself. The kids are at a friend’s house and Hubby is on Duty. I made sure I ate breakfast this morning, and then I left work early to ride with Jason (a.k.a Hubby) to Cincinnati to try and trade our gas hog of a Jeep in. We are trying to get a Van (this is big for me), so I am keeping my fingers crossed they give us what we want for the Jeep. Anyway, got my work out in by walking around the lot (which was 4 lots spread far apart) looking for the perfect car. Then we was all starving and I, was DYING for water I mean Dying, So there was a Steak 'n Shake Across the street so we went there and I have to say, their grilled chicken salad is not bad at all..

So since I'm home alone, I ran to the store and got a TV dinner (only because I feel too lazy to cook), a lemonade, and a Yoplait Lite. Came home and bought a book by: Rebecca Donovan - Reason to Breathe. It seems it will be good, so after I type this I will start that. I got in touch with an old friend from Alaska and that is where the title to this comes from. We use to hang out in the garage of our house (Condo type housing) and Dance, talk, or just act completely inappropriate. Jason was in the Coast Guard so we lived in CG housing and well, we will just say there were some very "appropriate" wives to say the least.
Getting off track, so, she commented on my status and told me to go and shake it like a salt shaker and that was my response. She tells me she popped her back by doing her belly dancing this is how she says it "Totally sucks when I tried my sexy dance earlier- there was so much snap-crackle-pop going on I sounded like I peed on a pile of pop rocks. Getting old is not ok. “I have really missed her she brings out the kid in me that's for sure; just wish we didn't live 4000 miles away.

All in all, another good day and I do believe come Wednesday You all will be proud of me....

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