Sunday, July 21, 2013

One Step at a Time...

Well, I have taken the biggest step for myself and I am so proud of it. I have officially quit drinking pop! Yay me!! I have been reading blog after blog, article after article about how to lose weight fast. Then I read one that made the most since, and it had been right in front of my face all this time. I was reading someone’s blog, and she had been a big success, she is still keeping it up, but she lost it so fast now it seems it is just so much work to keep it going. Then I read an article that I had read months ago but at that time it was all about the fastest way, so I over looked it. This article just talked about small thing to do to make a difference.

 It just said to take your time basically.

 So here is my list of things I'm going to do.

1. No matter how big I am wear what I want to wear. I don't have to degrade myself anymore because I don't feel I am worthy of looking pretty.

2. Take my time losing weight, don’t make it a race.

3. Each week change one thing. (Stop drinking pop, drop sweats, add breakfast, etc.)

4. Reward yourself (Don't drink pop, Buy a new top!)

5. Make sure to start doing some form of exerciser- no matter what...

 My main goal here is to love myself for who I am, if I don't find strength and courage to believe in myself I will never be able to do it.

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