Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekly Weigh-in Sun(1)

I have had a great week! I feel so energized and refreshed, we have made it a fun family time going for walks and the girls love going to the cemetery 
because they can ride their bikes and let loose. Me and Jason have also had a great time talking and exploring the graves after we are done walking. It is cool to see the ones from 1920's and before.

I have tracked my food everyday so far and have done good, I still refuse to eat things that are going to be unrealistic to me and my family so it has been great finding ways to make food that would normally be unhealthy, into a healthy meal. My only problem so far is potatoes, I can't seem to kick them but I love them and I have been craving them a lot the last two weeks. I guess if my body is craving it then give it what it wants?

I've been getting worried about Jason because he has been trying to lose and he just keeps gaining. I know his sleeping schedule is a problem and I'm hoping he can start dropping once he starts keeping track of his intake also. He has had his thyroid checked and it came back OK so who knows but it doesn't seem right with how much he is gaining in a short time. 

Well I've had some really nice recipes I like and want to put on here but I will have to get them all together one night and post them. 

OK now for the moment we have all been waiting for... Sunday weigh in 1 and I am at a..... 4 lbs. Loss! This is over two weeks so it was 2 lbs. a week not bad at all that is my goal so it seems to be working great!

I hope everyone has a great week and keep up the good work! Hard work does pay off....


  1. Fantastic job this week! You are killing it! Way to go!

  2. Just happen to come across your the name although, it makes me want ice cream. ha!