Tuesday, March 11, 2014

10,000 Steps....

I DID IT! I finally made it to my 10,000 steps goal and man was it a killer but I felt AMAZING! 

I have been trying to walk at least 4,000 steps at work and since I am the webmaster it is  hard to do.. But the boss (AKA my Dad) has given me the chore of feeding the sheep. I work at a used farm machinery place well here is a photo. The sheep's feeding area is all the way to the left bottom corner. ( behind the school house) It isn't that far of a walk from the office so I have been walking down the straight isle to the end (top left corner) and back around. Then the sheep like to hang out in the top right corner so I have been walking the complete circle just to go and check on them and make sure no coyotes have gotten any and they are all doing OK.

Here are some random pics from the walk.

So I have been able to clock 4,000 almost if not more doing that. Then I have been doing my cemetery walking but yesterday with the nice weather seemed everyone was doing it! So with my girls I had to find a new spot boo.... I love my cemetery! the girls can run and I don't have to worry about them bugging anyone and I can see them in all directions if they walked away but they seemed to stay with me very well. So I'm giving out a big boo hiss! but I'm glad to see everyone moving.

So it wasn't a total bust we went over to the park in town that you would think would have a gravel track but doesn't, but it is fenced in and I let the girls play while Jason and I walked around the perimeter. Oh my legs were killing me by the time we finished. However, it was a great workout! The ground was so uneven and in spots when you stepped down you would sink about a foot. We had fun though! We did 3 laps and that made the count a little over 8,000 we were going to do another lap but we promised the girls we would make homemade pizza and watch Hunger Games so I figured I could put in the 2,000 steps easy at home. I walked in circles for an hour and made it to 9,100 and the Pizza was done and the movie was going to start so I told Jason if I sit down now I will never get the last 900 steps so I threw my shoes on and walked down the hill to the end of our road and back up to the top and then back down to our house and as I stepped in the house I rounded 9,997 steps so as corny as it is I walked my last three steps to my Hubby to give him a big kiss! 

He road my ass yesterday, I wanted to give up after the second lap but he just kept pushing me asking me how bad I wanted it... All I could think about was his surprise for when I do lose it, and how bad I wanted it! Hubs has only seen me in three dresses ever. I don't wear dresses. I am dying to fit into a dress and surprise him. I know if I put one on now he would say I look great but I want to feel that way! I want to feel when I put it on that I am the Belle of the ball, and feel Sexy... I so want to feel sexy for him again.

Something Like these... Oh I can't wait, dreams WILL come true!


  1. Way to go! That's awesome and I love that dress! I'm not a dress type of person but with those accessories, it is so cute! Great job and keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks! And I am not a dress person either I hate them! But DH always says he would love to see me wear one, and the girls always want me to wear one with them too, so I am going to try hard to fit into one (comfortably) and wear it proud for them.

    And I absolutely love that second dress and the shoes! STUNNING!

  4. Thanks Meg You gave me motivation the other day and you were right I did do it.