Friday, August 16, 2013

Danger Zone

Sorry I have been absent for a few days, I had to get a website done and ready by yesterday, so I didn't have a lot of time for anything else. I stayed on my eating plan and did very well. I went to the doctor just to get checked up and tell him about my diet plan and make sure everything sounded good. He said everything seems very well and the diet plan I am on seems like a good one.

I had a rough past two days, it has been an emotional roller coaster. I really don't want to get into specifics due to I don't know who might read this, but it was horrible. Something Jason and I have been trying to avoid for awhile and have worked so hard for it not to happen, then it did. We will pull through, no big deal. The biggest down fall, I have noticed I am trying to fall back into my old ways of not eating, I use to never eat breakfast or lunch and I have found myself trying to do that again, so I have been trying my hardest to make myself eat (even though I really do not want to).

Due to the unforeseen circumstances that took place, I got almost no sleep the night before last. I remember almost every detail of sleeping, it started off like this, Here I am fast asleep curled up on my side sleeping like a baby. Then out of nowhere, as if someone put a speaker up to my ear with it being turned all the way up... "Highway to the Danger Zone, Ride into the Danger Zone......." then I feel like I wake up, I turn the music down in my HEAD and drift off again. "I could lift you up, I could show you what you want to see and take you where you wanna be....." err at this point I'm getting angry, fall back asleep and "Highway to the Danger Zone, Ride into the Danger Zone..." This is just samples, oh yes my special jukebox in my head played the two songs all the way through every time. They repeated all night long. In the middle there, somewhere, Jasmine came in and woke me up telling me the house was haunted because the soap in the bathtub fell.

I went to work and during, I cried at least 5 times it was hard trying to hide it from everyone. So I told myself when I get home I am running. I had to go to the police department to present the website but ended up leaving because we had to be at open house for all three girls. I hope this is going to be a good school year for all of them.

Came home and made a Portobello beefy melt, you can find the recipe here

I ate, got the girls in bed, and started watching the movie "Upside Down" it is pretty good so far. Watched 15 minute of that and hopped on the Mill. I walked 10 min at 3.0 and then ran every other minute after at 4.5. I completed my mile in 19.46 (NICE) but I RAN!!!!!!!! This is totally awesome!!

I totally did it in my Oscar Mayer Weiner Pants :) and I have a huge head, sorry.

So keep up the good work friends.


  1. Wow that melt looks great! I'd totally run in my jammies if I could. I think the gym may have something to say about it though :D

    1. It was really good, I definitely recommend it. Yes I think the gym would have a big issue lol.