Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Don't want to weigh in Wednesday"

 It's the day, the day I dread; to be 100% honest I was looking forward to today because how hard I have been working the past two weeks. Today I was so scared to get on that scale, so scared of failing, I didn't! Let’s look back; this day two weeks ago, I quit drinking Soda- I am still to this day done with soda. I love every second of it. My hands were always dry looking and now I don't see one dry spot on them. My stomach doesn't feel bloated all the time, and I have so much more energy. Oh and to let everyone know I don't say Soda usually, I always say Pop but it reads weird if you know what I mean lol. I really don't want people thinking I'm having constipation issues. ;)

The next week I added the goal of drinking water with every meal to help myself learn to like the taste of water. Today, I drink 10 glasses if not more a day. I love water now. I know now what it really means to be thirsty. I still start my day off with a cup of coffee but I'm finding myself not liking the taste of it as much either. I also added working out. I walk every night for a mile, I so want to be at two miles but for some reason I have a blocker up that's not allowing me to defeat this feet. I will get there.

Here is my pic of my work out last night -

                       Walking inclined 2, 2.0-6 min., 2.6-7min., 3.0-6 min., 2.6-6min.
By doing this I burn a lot more calories but I still only made it a mile. I have no clue how to get myself over this. I just start thinking I'm hurting to bad, or I have to use the bathroom. I come up with every reason. I am bound and determined to make it, so Instead of making my goal this week to make it to two miles; I'm going to shoot to a mile and a half. Maybe it won’t scare me so bad.

Oh almost forgot looks like we will be getting a Van after all. I am such a truck/Jeep girl this is a hard one for me, I have a feeling I will love it though especially with the kids.

Here is my weigh in (mind my feet).

Yap, that's right 6 lbs. down 98 more to go.
Well until my next "Don't want to weigh in Wednesday" Keep up the good work friends and remember "Only you are responsible for yourself ".

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