Working Workouts

The Work outs I love

Right now I am walking, I want to get up to a run so I am working towards that. Here is my workout schedule. I do all my walking in intervals, I start out at 2.2 for 10 min., then I move to 2.5 for 3 min., 2.8 for 3 min., 3.1 for 3 min., then 3.5 for 3 min. then I move back down to 2.2 for 5 min. then repeat. Once I've lost around 15 pounds I'm going to start doing other exercises. Right now I am trying to compile ones I might like.

Mon - 2.0 walk
Tues - Off but do at least 10 min. of something
Wed - 1.0 walk
Thur - 1.5 walk
Fri - 2.0 walk
Sat - 1.0 walk
Sun - 1.5 walk

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